Adrad Ultra-T
Ultra-T Cores, Australia's Preferred Radiator Core for Ultra-Tough Cooling for over a decade
Heavy Duty High Performance Cooling
Ultra-T is a heavy duty, high performance tubular radiator design. It features
close tube row pitch which allows a greater concentration of tubes in the core matrix. This means that an ‘Adrad Ultra -T’ core contains more tube to deliver more cooling.
Proven Design - Strong and Efficient
The overlapping tube design also results in extremely strong ‘column’ strength when compared with standard in-line tube radiators. Adrad Ultra-T is a rigid and efficient core that is highly suited to use on long-haul prime movers, static engine cooling and many other applications.
Adrad Ultra - T delivers improved cooling performance vs 1/2 STC Spec-Table.jpg
Ultra-T Fin Close Up
Adrad Ultra-T delivers high performance cooling for many makes including:
Franna Crane
Mercedes Benz
Western Star
Adrad's Superior Split Louvre Fin - Diagram
Adrad Ultra-T Cores use Adrad’s wind tunnel tested fin technology, proven for over 14 years. Utilising a split louvre system for superior strength, heat dissipation and louvre rigidity. This ensures correct shape is maintained to optimise heat dissipation and deliver consistent high performance cooling.
Inferior Single Louvre System - Diagram
Some radiators have single wide louvres. This more fragile design dates back to the 1950’s and is more prone to clogging. Wind tunnel testing has found this fin design is unstable and can collapse during operation - permanently reducing cooling performance.
Hi Flow Tube
High Flow 1.9mm tube has three main advantages over traditional wider tube:

1. More space between tubes allows for superior air flow (Less pressure drop).
2. Higher coolant flow rate / heat rejection.
3. Greater coolant-to-tube contact ratio for better heat transfer.
4. Supercedes problematic dimpled tubes.
Old Inferior Tube
Old design 2.5mm tube with single louvre has a number of disadvantages.

1. Wider tube restricts air flow by 31%.
2. Slower coolant flow rate.
3. Compromised coolant-to-tube heat transfer.

ULTRA-T’s Proven Performance

Operators are always looking to improve their cooling system. Through enhanced cooling, the Adrad Ultra-T core has proven to benefit fuel consumption by reducing use of the fuel-hungry fan, whilst lowering or maintaining engine temperature.

ULTRA-T Development

A new slim-line, latest technology tube was necessary to increase coolant flow in the tubes and optimize thermal performance. This slim-line tube encourages excellent air flow through the ULTRA-T core, a major factor in core performance due to tightly packed fins and the extra row of overlapping tubes.

Once the optimum slim-line tube had been selected, development of the fin louvre and wind tunnel testing began.

The early design of four single louvres proved weak and deformed in wind tunnel testing, seriously restricting air flow and performance.

Following exhaustive testing, an eight window, split louvre design provided greater support and structural strength. The design was proven to deliver enhanced performance and air flow, and superior durability for the life of the core.

The split louvre has the characteristic of allowing debris to pass through the ULTRA-T core and maintains its shape during high pressure air, water or steam cleaning. Conversely, the old-technology single louvre catches debris, deforms/flattens during pressure cleaning, and is not suitable for multi-row, staggered-tube cores.
This is the experience and development that has produced the ULTRA-T radiator from Adrad, Australia’s most successful manufacturer with unmatched engineering and experience since 1922.

The ULTRA-T carries Adrad’s full nationwide warranty with a proven reputation supplying the aftermarket and Australia’s major OEM truck manufacturers for over 50 years.
To achieve enhanced cooling performance in modern vehicles it is essential to apply modern technology and proven designs.

Don’t risk a low tech, cheap copy
- Recommend Adrad ULTRA-T.

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