About Us


Adelaide Radiator Supplies was established in 1985 by Gary and Karen Washington, as a small radiator and parts supplier with just four staff. 

Growing their radiator repair and manufacturing business, they then expanded with an import program to bring in additional heat exchange products sourced from the world's best suppliers. Many years of successful growth, investment and continued dedication to providing quality products followed. This has resulted in ADRAD evolving from being a small supplier with a limited range, to becoming a national business offering a diverse range of cooling solutions to best meet the demands of the Australian market.

During this time, ADRAD has acquired and integrated competitors with rich and respected heritages, some stretching back to 1922. This combined wealth of knowledge and experience makes ADRAD a formidable authority on the manufacture and supply of heat exchange products.

Our proud tradition of quality is maintained with a focus on developing improved operational strategies for continued growth. Today, the ADRAD group of companies is a large supplier of aftermarket heat exchange products. ADRAD offers customers and suppliers alike the assurance that comes from being a large, successful enterprise with the capacity and knowhow to deliver the best, whilst maintaining the personal touch of a family business. ADRAD's success is based on its ability to deliver. This ability stems from being a large and successful enterprise that has the product range, the network capacity, and the manufacturing and supply know how to do the job. The company's highly qualified and experienced staff completes the picture, supporting their products with reliable service you can trust.