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DOT 5.1
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CeraTEC Lubricant 
Cera TEC is an advanced non-metallic lubricant. It protects against corrosion, helps to reduce brake noise and is usable for ABS / ESP equipped vehicles.

Part No. MINCERA01 (75ml)

DOT 3 Brake Fluid
Used for brake & clutch systems if specified in the car manufacturers guidelines.

Part No. MBF3-1000B (1L)

DOT 4 Brake Fluid Recommended for brake & clutch systems where a non-petroleum fluid is specified, including ABS.
Part No. MBF4-1000B (1L)
Part No. MBF4-5000B (5L)
Part No. MBF4-20000 (20L)

DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid
For vehicles with ESP/ASR systems.
Also suitable for all brake & clutch systems where a non-petroleum fluid is specified.

Part No.MBF5-1000B  (1L)

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Mintex recommends brake fluid changes either every 2 years, or if the boiling point falls below 200°C. 

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