Adrad is now a proud distributor of rotating electrical products from quality OE & aftermarket brands including Valeo, DENSO & Delphi

Our ever-expanding product range now features rotating parts for popular vehicle applications
1,100+ Vehicle Applications

ACV40R 2.4ltr '06-12
AURION GSV40R 3.5ltr '06-12

Part No. STM005

D23/NP300 2.3ltr '15-

Part No. STM050
1,200+ Vehicle Applications

W906 316/416/515 CDI

Part No. ALT102 

CAPTIVA CG 2.2ltr TD '11-19
CRUZE JH 2.0ltr TD '11-19

Part No. ALT014

Over 70 years of experience supplying the automakers with premium electrical components DENSO starter motor and alternator technology is an industry benchmark.

A strong leadership in Original Equipment and more than 30 years in remanufacturing, Valeo provides the Aftermarket with one of the best offer in starters and alternators: over 100,000 starters and alternators units per day worldwide on its production, and it is thus recognized as a key player on the global market, and leader in Europe. One out of three vehicles is fitted with a Valeo machine as original equipment.

With 100 years of OE experience, Delphi is a supplier to the worlds top automakers. OE heritage and knowledge built into every aftermarket part.

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