FRAM 4x4 Kits
Maximum performance
& durability on & off road
Off road driving, or the everyday drive, FRAM 4WD Filter Kits are optimized for both on and off road performance. The solution for complete servicing requirements, the FRAM 4WD Filter Kits contain Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, and Cabin Air Filter where required. The correct filter fitment for each individual vehicle is all in one box, with one reference number. Each FRAM Filter is manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications, with a warranty to meet OE specified vehicle service intervals, and will not void your New Car Warranty.
Kits include:
Air Filters
FRAM Air Filters
provide superior protection, for strenuous driving conditions, from idling in heavy traffic, to driving on dusty roads and towing heavy loads.
Fuel Filters
FRAM Fuel Filters
serve a vital function in today's modern tight tolerance engine fuel systems. By removing rust and dirt particles from petrol or diesel, fuel filters protect fuel pumps and injectors from rapid wear and failure.
Air Filters
FRAM Oil Filters
are ideal for drivers who push their vehicles, whether in stop and go traffic, by towing, or driving in extreme weather conditions. FRAM Oil Filters continuously purify the oil in the vehicle, by filtering out and retaining abrasive particles, dust and combustion residue.
Fuel Filters
FRAM Cabin Air Filters
allow travellers inside the vehicle to breathe cleaner air by filtering out pollen, allergens, exhaust fumes, dirt and dust that enter the vehicle through the cooling,/ heating ventilation. FRAM Cabin Air Filters can eliminate up to 98% of these impurities, providing a more enjoyable ride.
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