» 30% more cooling and 15 times less flow restriction than traditional tube & fin design.

» Self-regulating for maximum cooling and running protection.

» Durable brazed aluminium construction with a lifetime guarantee.

» Available in stacked plate or fin & plate.

» Available in 13 sizes.

» 12 month warranty.

Get longer life from your transmission and reduce the risk of costly repair bills

Tru-Cool transmission oil coolers help maintain lower operating temperatures, significantly extending the lives of both your lubricant and your transmission. Protect your work, your warranties and your reputation with Tru-Cool and get the advantage that comes from Dana-backed quality. 

» Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is more viscous when it’s colder. Tru-Cool Low Pressure Drop (LPD) Transmission coolers have a unique cold weather passive bypass that allows the thicker ATF to flow more efficiently through the cooler at the top of the system.

» As operating temperatures increase, the ATF heats up and becomes thinner. The Tru-Cool system then directs the ATF through the core, where it is cooled.

» You get optimal heat transfer and improved protection against lube system failure.  
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Dana Tru-Cool high quality coolers are available in a selection of sizes and styles to suit all manner of vehicles and include “Tru-Cool LPD” (Low Pressure Drop) and “Tru-Cool MAX” high performance variants. 

Vehicles that require superior cooling performance should opt for Dana’s Tru-Cool MAX unit. These feature the same high strength brazed aluminium construction but offer double the cooling of the Tru-Cool LPD design. All products in the range have installation kits featuring hoses, mounting hardware and fittings either already included or available separately.

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DANA Tru-Cool Application Guide
DANA Tru-Cool Application Guide

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