Universal Fan Shroud Kits


Single Fan Universal Shroud Kits



Direct fit for Race Radiators
RACE01CM (Chev)
RACE05CM (Ford)
Direct fit for Race Radiators
RACE02CM (Chev)
RACE06CM (Ford)
Direct fit for Race Radiators
RACE03CM (Chev)
RACE07CM (Ford)

  • Dims: H= 468mm D= 105mm W= see image

  Kits Include:
  • Australian manufactured 2mm thick high grade Aluminium shroud
  • Maradyne Fan 16 inch, 2360CFM, 225W, 17.7A, Skewed Puller Blade

Twin Fan Universal Shroud Kit



  • Dims: H= 468mm D= 87mm W= 653mm

  Kits Include:
  • Australian manufactured 2mm thick high grade Aluminium shroud
  • 2 x Maradyne Fans 12 inch, 1155CFM, 130W, 7.7A, 12V, Skewed Puller Blade,(2310CFM Combined)

Direct fit for Race Radiators
RACE04CM (Chev)
RACE08CM (Ford)

Custom Units Available

Adrad Performance can also custom manufacture a shroud to your own required dimensions and fan selection.

The perfect fit for your existing or new Adrad Performance radiator.

Contact us now for Custom Made
Custom Made Available


What are the benefits of Universal Shroud & Fan Kits?

Adrad Performance aluminium fan shrouds are precision-crafted from 2mm thick aluminium for strength and durability and offer an effective way to maximise your electric fan’s cooling potential.


An electric fan directly installed onto a non-shrouded radiator will only draw air through the part of the core covered by the fan blades. Outside of this area, hot spots will occur where the air flow and heat transfer is poor.


Adding a shroud ensures air flow is directed over the entire radiator core area for more effective heat transfer. This extra cooling will provide better engine temperature control and allow you to make more horsepower.


Adrad Performance combined Shroud & Fan kits offer increased cooling in two ways. The shroud improves thermal efficiency and performance aftermarket fan(s) can deliver high air velocity for extra cooling.


Fabricated in Australia, these low-profile shrouds are designed to perfectly fit and easily attach to Adrad’s Racerad range of universal radiators, providing a strong and secure mounting point for the electric fan(s).


Adrad Performance Shroud & Fan kits can be fitted to other radiators with similar core dimensions, as an affordable cooling upgrade for your vehicle.

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