Bearward Cooling Modules have been a preferred industry standard to Power Generation OE suppliers for over 15 years!
The patented modular cores provide quick and easy serviceability,
class leading thermal performance and unrivaled durability.

Highly Durable - reduction in strain through an innovative floating core design & rubber grommets that allow free thermal expansion & contraction

Easy Handling - compact design simplifies assembly, storage & shipment across the globe
  • Thermal Performance - OE part guarantees no loss in cooling performance
  • Floating Core - durable, no bolted gasket; reduces leak path & aids serviceability
  • In Situ Core Removal / Replacement - radiator assembly can remain on the engine; no lifting equipment needed
  • Reduced Engine Downtime - core sections are quick and easy to remove / replace, minutes rather than hours / days
  • Maintenance - sections can be removed & cleaned, extending life & performance 
  • Cost Effective - single core sections can be replaced

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