Water pumps are a principle component of every vehicle cooling system. Driven by pulley through the timing belt or fan belt, the water pump ensures that coolant circulates from the engine to the radiator. You can purchase all the parts you need to repair a vehicle cooling system from Adrad’s stock of the highest quality belts, radiators, water pumps, hoses, and thermostats.

Adrad’s range of water pumps cover over 680 applications from leading international brands including NPW, Behr Hella, GMB and Valeo as well as our own Adrad water pump range.

Exposed to temperatures from near freezing to over a hundred degrees, our water pump range is carefully selected to withstand expansion and contraction without leaking or interruption in rotation. The housing, impellers, bearings and seals must be of the highest standard, producing excellent performance under the anticipated operating to become part of the Adrad range.

NPW water pumps are made in Japan, selected by Adrad for its high-quality aftermarket products and ongoing commitment to meet or exceed OE standards. NPW have been making water pumps for over 50 years, and their brands include Mazda, Isuzu, Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Nissan, Hino, Honda, Daihatsu and other makes.

GMB water pumps are also of Japanese origin. Established in 1943, GMB are committed to adapting the latest technology and delivering water pumps that are efficient and durable while reduced weight and noise. Principle component parts are designed, manufactured and tested all at GMB, applying decades of experience to deliver outstanding products.

Valeo water pumps are designed and rigorously tested by the French company to ensure that they meet OE standards. Available from Adrad for European makes, Valeo water pumps come with the gaskets and hardware for quick and easy installation. Subjected to extensive testing, each Valeo water pump meets high standards of durability, performance, thermal shock and bearing resistance.

Behr Hella Service is a leading international supplier of aftermarket automotive engine cooling parts. Their water pumps meet stringent standards for thermal management, performing through a range of pump speeds, coolant flow rates and pressure differentials.

All water pumps supplied by Adrad meet the highest quality standards under our ISO 9001:2015 certification, and are backed by Adrad’s national warranty. Use Radshop's easy VIN or Make-model search to find the right water pump for a particular vehicle. 

See the full range here.

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