Adrad stocks MICON high quality seals for Caterpillar-style modular radiator cores. 
MICON Seals and Grommets utilise highly modified nitrile rubber compounds created specifically for mining and earthmoving applications. 
They are oil resistant, have a high temperature range and maintain flexibility. 
Seals available for Caterpillar-style cores:
AMR      NGMR      Modular      AMOC      Folded 
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Common Problems

Surprisingly a high percentage of radiator module failures are not due to a failure in the radiator itself, but rather a failure of the rubber seals. A few of the most common causes of failure are listed below:
Heat Exhaustion

  • Occurs when exceeding temperature specifications
  • Temporary temperature spikes are ok, however these are the effects of exceeding specifications

Oil / Diesel Contamination

  • This is a common problem in cooling systems
  • Oil cooler rupture/cylinder liner cracks lead to contamination
  • Effects of contamination include swelling

MICON HT Series Seals

  • Maintain Flexability
  • High Temperature Range
  • Diesel & Oil Resistant
Micon HT Series Seals resist all of the common points of failure in other seals and are regarded by many as the best in the industry.
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Authorised Australian distributor for MICON
      Australian Owned & Operated

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