With Spring just around the corner, it's time to encourage customers to have those dirty and inefficient cabin air filters replaced.

Apply this BONUS anti-bacterial OZIUM Air Sanitizer spray to provide a fresh and clean-smelling environment in the vehicle.

They'll notice the difference.
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To filter out those nasty spring-time allergens, it is recommended that vehicle cabin air filters be replaced every 15,000km / 12 months.


Keep the air you breathe in your car or home, fresh and clean with OZIUM®

Originally developed to combat airborne bacteria and germs in hospitals, OZIUM® is clinically proven to ELIMINATE offensive odours, not just mask them.

Remove Odours   Removes Odours
Fights Germs   Fights Germs
Kills Bacteria   Kills Bacteria
OZIUM is available in a variety of sizes and choice of fragrances:
Outdoor Essence
That New Car Smell
Country Fresh
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