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Adrad       September Special
To promote our extensive range of quality DENSO air conditioning products, we're giving away American made Cyclo workshop packs with ANY compressor, condenser or evaporator purchased during September.
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136 parts available for passenger cars, 4x4s light commercial and heavy vehicles
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129 Parts available for passenger cars, 4x4s light commercial and heavy vehicles
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67 parts available for passenger cars, 4x4s light commercial, heavy vehicles and earth moving equipment
Your Cyclo Workshop Pack Includes

Quick dry formula leaves no residue. Instantly removes oil, grease, dirt & grime. Precision cleaner designed to replace CFC products where lower flashpoint solvents may be used.
Applications: electronics, lighting, contacts, terminals, plugs, plastics, computers, circuits, nylon, sockets, PVC.


200% more silicone than the competition.

Lubricates, seals & protects
Great for sliding mechanisms
Prevents sticking, freezing & squeaks


The single shot smell stopper.

Lubricates, seals & protects. Great for sliding mechanisms.
Prevents sticking, freezing & squeaks

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© Adrad Pty Ltd 2020. Product specifications may change at any time without notice. Offer available to account customers only purchasing minimum one DENSO compressor, condenser or evaporator per order, until September 30th 2020. E&OE.

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