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Performance Alloy

Innovative Australian Manufacturing

Adrad has a range of Australian made performance alloy radiators to cool hard-working engines in performance vehicle applications.

They're not just for racing. If you're towing, going off road or simply looking for an upgrade, Adrad performance alloy radiators are the ideal choice.

Choose from off-the-shelf parts or have your radiator custom-made to your specifications. They're all backed by Adrad's national warranty and Australia-wide support.

Performance Features
Double Fin
Thickness Where 
it Counts
14% Thicker Tube
25% Thicker Material for
Header Plates & Tanks

Key features:

  • 14% thicker tube for added durability
  • 25% thicker header plates & tank material for increased strength
  • Heavy duty extruded alloy for impact protection
  • Available in high polish mirror finish
  • Choice of fin types, tube profiles and sizes
Proudly Australian Made
Bred and built on Aussie soil, Adrad is a family owned company which has grown from a radiator manufacturer to the industry leader in heat exchange products.

The Adrad group of companies has a rich history in the automotive industry dating back to 1922. Continuing to focus on technical expertise, knowledge and innovative solutions remain fundamental ingredients in Adrad's recipe for success.


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